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Christina & Jayson



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Step into the enchanting world of Christina and Jayson’s special day at the modern venue of The Marion, nestled in the heart of Canberra, their impeccable wedding became an unforgettable story of romance.

Magic unfolded at the picturesque National Gallery of Australia, where Christina and Jayson’s love story was immortalised through the lens from Salt Atelier. Bathed in the ethereal light of James Turrell’s creation, ‘Within without,’ they embraced an otherworldly atmosphere. Their moments of their own were captured with exceptional photography and videography.

For Christina, this special day was not only about tying the knot with her soulmate but also bringing her dream to life. At The Marion with its unparalleled charm, every detail spoke of Christina’s unique and exquisite sense of style. While the bride gracefully made her way down the aisle in a Pallas Couture gown that left everyone astounded, every single stitch, every tiny bead on the dress seemed to whisper of timeless beauty.

Christina and Jayson, lost in each other’s arms, moved gracefully across the dance floor, surrounded by friends and family who shared their happiness. When the sun set on their marvellous celebration, Christina and Jayson’s love story became a part of Marion’s history, forever etched into the tapestry of time. Their wedding was beyond an event, it was a testament to the power of an everlasting commitment. Their unwavering vision, and profound love for each other made their day an inspiration for couples embarking on their own journeys of love.

Join us as we immerse ourselves in the love story of Christina and Jayson, a couple whose wedding journey redefined the meaning of romance and left an indelible mark on the hearts of all who were fortunate enough to witness their extraordinary day.