March 15, 2022

Ivy Ball Room Weddings

The ivy Ballroom is not for the understated.

Hosting up to 370 people, you will be celebrating your grand love story in exceptional style when you book your wedding at the ivy Ball Room.

Prepare to pick jaws up off the floor as you make that stunning entry up the magnificent staircase you’ve always wanted to make.

Mix and mingle with your family and friends on the outdoor patio before heading to your bridal table, which has a candlelight background.

You have the option of keeping the room beautifully simple and lovely as is, or you may employ our great in-house stylists, florists, and production assistance to create the wedding of your dreams.

The grandeur nature of this spectacular venue naturally makes it a crucial part of any attempts to tell the story of your special day and at Salt Atelier we love working at the ivy Ball Room because of the beautiful visuals it allows us to capture.

Wedding Photography at Ivy Ball Room

Weddings at the ivy Ball Room are statement weddings.

They take place in one of Sydney’s most amazing and most versatile receptions.

The sense of space achieved in this venue is truly delightful and because it is so flexible in terms of layout and décor, the ivy Ball Room gives every bride and groom the chance to truly make this space their own for their special day.

As award0winning and published wedding photographers, Salt Atelier specialises in capturing the intricate details that truly make the ivy Ball Room your own in a way that will preserve the memories of your wedding day with sensitivity, glamour and emotion.

There is no denying that the ivy Ball Room is truly one of Sydney’s most picturesque wedding venues, so it’s no surprise that our team of experienced team of wedding photographers and videographers absolutely love working here.

Make your wedding day at Ivy Ball Room an event to remember

At Salt Atelier we pride ourselves on getting to know our clients.

We love the process of learning more about your unique love story and understanding why you make the choices you make for your wedding day.

Through that process, we truly understand your vision for the day and ensure that we capture all the important details that will help ensure that you don’t just remember the visuals of the day, but the emotions you felt and the joy you experienced.

Working at the ivy Ball Room makes this experience even more rewarding for us and our clients, because we can work with the immense possibilities this venue offers in terms of dramatic lighting, space and movement to beautifully capture your day.

Your wedding day is fleeting, however, the memories we help you capture will last a lifetime.

If you are celebrating your wedding day at the ivy Ballroom, contact us today to start a conversation about your love story.