March 15, 2022

The Tea Room Queen Victoria Building Weddings

The palatial ceilings, glistening Baccarat Crystal chandeliers, and sumptuous craftsmanship are just some of the reasons that Sydney couples are desperate to secure The Tea Room for their wedding day.

For those that manage to secure it, the Team Room provides an extravagant setting for your most significant day.

With a capacity of 40-200 people, this famous destination’s vast dimensions suit weddings of all shapes and sizes.

The dramatic lighting offered by the gorgeous chandeliers and the classical details that are present in every direction you look creates an unforgettable sense of romance that makes the Tea Room a simply luxurious setting for any wedding.

Wedding Photography at the Tea Room

A true classical beauty, the Tea Room is a joy to work with for any visual storyteller and at Salt Atelier, we are no exception to that rule.

Whenever we have the chance to capture our clients on their special day in this palatial setting, the immense beauty of this venue never ceases to amaze us.

With the awe-inspiring Baccarat Crystal chandeliers the showpiece in a venue that is so beautifully lit, and with so many luxurious details to play with, Salt Atelier has extensive experience working in this space.

Alongside our extremely detailed approach to understanding the wants, needs and personalities of our clients, we believe the Tea Room is a wonderful place to capture beautiful moments that will tell the story of your wedding day for years to come.

Capturing Timeless Imagery at the Tea Room

If you have booked The Team Room for your wedding day, trust us when we say that you will not be disappointed.

It not only offers the sort of timelessly classic setting that many dream off to enjoy their wedding reception in, you will be treated to world class food and service.

That’s why for many of our clients who have tied the knot at The Tea Room, the importance of being able to truly capture the emotion of those precious hours spent with family and friends in this beautiful venue on one of the most important days of their lives is not lost on us.

As you will see in the photos we have highlighted from Stephanie and Raymond’s beautiful wedding day at The Tea Room, we want to ensure that you have a beautiful selection of images and film to remember your wedding day by.

We invite you to browse our Instagram to see more of our work, before getting in touch to let us know about your upcoming wedding at The Tea Room (or any other amazing Sydney venue).