April 21, 2023

La Porte Space Weddings

La Porte Space is Australia’s leader in luxury serviced office spaces, event spaces and photographic studios. offering a one of a kind experience that can only be matched to the services of a luxury hotel, hidden behind the walls of an iconic Sydney landmark building.

Founded by creatives Hayley Bonham and Rory Elsom, La Porte Space is located in Rosebery on the fringe of Sydney’s business district and in close proximity to the Sydney International airport. The space blends thoughtful design and intuitive service with luxury facilities that includes the La Porte cafe, La Porte Marché (luxury concept retail space), La Porte Wellness and three dedicated event spaces and photographic studios, along with 30 luxury serviced offices and a members only virtual office and luxury co-working facility.

La Porte Space creates a unique, one-of-a-kind experience together with the best and most personalised modern services available.