March 6, 2023

Weddings at The Great Hall at the University of Sydney

The Great Hall at the University of Sydney, built in the 1850s and influenced by many of the big structures in England, would add formality and gravity to any gathering with its towering ceilings and stained glass windows.

This architectural gem, surrounded by secret gardens and courtyards, offers itself to a range of events, including cocktail receptions and sit-down dinners. Pre-dinner beverages and canapés may be served in the nearby magnificent quadrangle.

The Great Hall can easily seat 600 people for drinks or 300 people for a seated supper, making it one of Sydney’s most noteworthy wedding venues.

With its incredibly high ceilings, The Great Hall is a photographer’s dream and is without doubt one of Salt Atelier’s favorite venues to work at.

Wedding Photography at The Great Hall

The University of Sydney’s Great Hall is one of the university’s main buildings, with a public interior used for ceremonial ceremonies, conferences, recitals, and feasts. The Hall, situated on the Camperdown campus’s Main Quadrangle, is a symbol of the university’s regal past as well as an exemplary example of Victorian Gothic revival architecture.

This diversified location, with its old world elegance, will please all visitors and provide a memorable event, accommodating weddings, cocktail parties, and seated soirees.

If you have booked your wedding at The Great Hall at the University of Sydney, we know that this is a day that you are not going to want to forget anytime soon.

At Salt Atelier, we have extensive experience capturing beautiful photos and video at this spectacular venue.

Capturing your wedding at The Great Hall

With the sense of scale achieved by the truly grand high ceilings, and the utterly classical architecture that surrounds you and your guests, Salt Atelier can maximize the effect of these utterly stunning features with our photography and videography skillset.

Our passion is truly for being able to understand the little details that make your day and your story unique and capturing in a way that elicit true emotion whenever you decide to turn back the clock and remember your special day.

Weddings at The Great Hall often come with countless hours of planning and detail.

With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure that the endless hours, weeks, and months that go into properly making The Great Hall your home for the day are preserved in a manner that transports you back to your wedding day.