February 25, 2022

Curzon Hall Weddings

Curzon Hall is renowned all over town as one of the most majestic Sydney wedding venues.

Notable for its incredible 1800s architectural features, incredible grand crystal chandeliers and remarkable eight-metre high ceiling, Curzon Hall is the perfect venue for couples with an appreciation for the finer things in life.

This timeless classic provides a glorious venue for Sydney weddings, and provides a sense of elegance that is hard to match.

Of course, for those lucky enough to have secured Curzon Hall for their wedding day, the importance of capturing your day and/or night in this palatial dream is of immense importance.

Curzon Hall Wedding Photography

The grand proportions of this gorgeous venue make it an absolute delight to capture on camera and provides a lot of potential for visual storytelling.

The sense of scale provided by the immense eight-metre ceiling, the way the light filters through the gorgeous stained-glass windows and the complete freedom of movement and vision allowed by the pillar-less ballroom make Curzon Hall a photographers and videographers dream.

And at Salt Atelier, we are no different.

Our work at this gorgeous venue has been recognised with publication in some of Australia’s most noteworthy blogs and helps to demonstrate not only out immense familiarity with this exclusive venue, but our ability to work with all the various elements it provides to tell a unique story each and every time we shoot at Curzon Hall.

Capturing Spectacular Memories at Curzon Hall

It’s not every day you get married.

And it’s certainly not every day you get marred at Curzon Hall.

You’ve captured the perfect venue. You’ve spent day, weeks, months and perhaps even years planning every intricate detail about how you will truly make this palace your own.

After all that hard work, it’s important that the memories you create on your special day are more than just fleeting.

It’s important to entrust this crucial element of your day and/or night at Curzon Hall to a team that does more than capture pictures but captures emotions and moments that will last a lifetime.

Below, you will find some of the beautiful moments we have captured from the weddings of Ursula and Ahmed as well as Kay and Sam

If you have secured this beautiful venue for your wedding reception, talk to us about how we can help capture your unique story in the most glorious of receptions.

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