March 15, 2022

View by Sydney Weddings

Is there a more a perfect backdrop for a Sydney wedding than the iconic Harbour Bridge?

You’ll do well to find a more picture-perfect setting than View by Sydney – a venue whose name perfectly captures its immense point of difference.

However, whilst the glorious Bridge makes for a spectacular backing for your special day, this glamorous Sydney wedding venue is no one-trick pony, and its breathtaking views are matched by stunning décor and exceptional hospitality.

The smiles on the people who celebrate their wedding day at View by Sydney tell their own story, and if you’ve secured this venue for your wedding, you will want to ensure those smiles are captured for an eternity.

Wedding Photography at View by Sydney

Renowned for its immense flexibility, it is not a mere cliché to say that no two weddings at the View are ever the same.

Because of this, every chance to capture imagery and video of wedding days at View by Sydney present their own unique opportunities to capture the true individuality of the happy couple.

At Salt Atelier, this delights our team of expert wedding photographers and videographers who relish the challenge of creating imagery and film that truly captured the emotion and uniqueness of every couple we work with.

Having worked at this venue countless times, our team is well versed in the complexities of this venue, including everything from the perfect time for your spectacular Harbour Bridge shots, to making the most of your unique styling to bring out the true beauty of the venue itself.

Helping Couples Create Spectacular Memories at View by Sydney

A wedding at View by Sydney is an event that deserves to be wildly celebrated.

As a venue, it offers immense joy for the couple of the day and all their guests in equal measure and because of the immense flexibility that View by Sydney offers with its various layouts and the wonerful providers that work with them, we know that you will have spent an incredible amount of hours shaping the View in your own unique way for your special day.

Salt Atelier can help you preserve those memories and ensure that those fleeting hours last a life-time through our tailored video and photography packages.

We love working at the View and with the couples who choose to make it their own.

Below, you will find a carefully curated gallery of photos from the wedding of Donna and Mustapha at this gorgeous space.

If you want to ensure that the story of your day at the View by Sydney is able to be retold time and time again, contact us today.